Apartment Charging

If you are seeking a versatile apartment charging solution, iEV has the perfect answer for you. 

iEV understands the complexities of installing charger in the apartment complex. Among the foremost hurdles in apartment blocks is the necessity to update the electric circuits, load management systems and main switchboards generally have to be updated to accommodate any additional drawdown requirements, often at great expense. 

The cost and technical impracticality of installing private chargers are evident, especially when the grid lacks the capacity to accommodate each residence having their own charger. Consequently, obtaining body corporate approval to install a charger in your designated parking space becomes challenging


Free Charger + Free Installation

In tackling the cost hurdle, iEV offers a free charger and installation for the apartment complex.

The 22kW AC charger usually replenishes your vehicle's battery within a few hours, depending on its capacity. EV owners solely cover the charging service cost when charging.

This shared charging infrastructure efficiently caters to most of the complex's charging demands, significantly reducing the need for extensive upgrades to the grid capacity.

Shared Charging

Shared charging eliminates the need for upfront investment by each resident while ensuring the convenience of home charging.

An intuitive smartphone app will handle charging schedules and send notifications when your vehicle is fully charged, prompting you to move it as needed.

Versatile Payment Options

Given the lower cost of the 22kW AC charger compared to the DC charger, rest assured that our charging costs are substantially lower compared to those incurred at a DC fast charging station.

Furthermore, iEV provides a variety of payment methods and adaptable charging fee options. These include off-peak tariffs, membership discounts, and reduced deposits, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all users.